Blinds in Ancoats – Up to 50% Off Sale Now On

At Harpers we help you find the right made to measure blinds for your home in the Ancoats area.

We recommend Hillarys, the UK’s biggest supplier and fitter, with hundreds of styles and a 50% off sale ending soon.

Why Hillarys?

With over four decades of experience manufacturing curtains, shutters and blinds, Hillarys is the most trusted brand in the entire United Kingdom. From the aesthetics to the thread count, they deliver what they promise; an elegant shade that fits the needs of your home.

In that spirit, hundreds of thousands of curtain, shutter and blinds designs are available to suit any design of a house.

Hillarys can handle more than 21,000 orders per week. This makes them the biggest manufacturer in the entire UK..

The best part? Their prices are lower than other manufacturers, making them a premier choice.

The Importance Of Great Window Furnishings

While they might seem like an unnecessary item to add to your household. We can’t blame you, they’re a bit fiddly if anybody would install it on their own. Window furnishings, such as curtains, blinds and shutters guarantee privacy, but most would go for venetians.

However, a home is incomplete without fully furnished windows. It’s not just a piece of cloth that hangs in front of your window. They set the lighting for your room. Moreover, their designs help improve the mood within your household.

Anyone who has had experience with interior design knows the value of window furnishing designs more than anything else. Luckily, with Hillarys as our primary supplier of products and designs, we have access to hundreds and thousands of designs.

All to help you make your home’s window furnishings and overall design as you imagined it to be!

We Install!

If you decide to work with our recommended supplier, you’ll also get 100% free installation. A local specialist would head to your house to take precise measurements of your windows. In this way, they can use the proper measurements for an exact fit, no guesswork, and no averages because no 2 windows are the same. They can also measure your doors, skylights and anything else that you need more privacy or style added to.

After your free “measure up”, you’ll get a quote while the local expert is on site along with the advantages you can have with their recommendation.

Without drilling holes into your wall, our teams can install directly onto your doors and teach you how to properly maintain them once done.

You can always try installing them on your own. While difficult, it is also advantageous. But you wouldn’t want the hassle, right?

With Hillarys as our prime manufacturer, our teams are trained to install any type of blind, shutter and curtain for your windows quickly. All of the product specifications considered, our blind systems would fit right into your home perfectly

Now, you don’t have to do it yourself. Should you get your curtains from us, you don’t only enjoy a premium product for your entire home. We can install them just for you! With designs from our highly experience manufacturer, your new blind(s) would make an elegant charmer for your windows!

We cover the whole Greater Manchester area, including: