Perfect Fit Blinds in Manchester – Up To 50% Off

What are Perfect Fit Blinds (PFB)?

They are an innovative way to fit beautiful blinds to uPVC windows and doors. These are also the best type of blinds for conservatories.

These blinds are installed directly on the window, which means no holes are drilled and no screws are required to fix the blind in place.

How does the PFB system operate?

PFB frames are designed to fit between a window’s glass and the beading. The frame, with the blind in place, simply clips on to your window. A tab lets you lower or raise the blind, with absolutely no effort.

Which blinds can be fitted in Perfect Fit Frames?

Roller blinds:       Easily raised and lowered, available in hundreds of fabrics.

Venetian blinds:  Greater control over light and privacy, large selection of colours.

Pleated blinds:    Trim and trendy single layer blinds with concertina folds.

These frames give you countless ways to dress your window. You are guaranteed to get a blind you love, and it will fit perfectly.

Want easy opening of windows and doors?

These blinds are just the job for doors and windows that are frequently used. PFBs do not hide the handles; which means you can open them easily without having to fiddle around with the blind.

Are these blinds effective light blockers?

Pleated and roller blinds are great at blocking out light. If you require complete blackout then select blackout linings for your pleated or roller blinds. Venetians will give you greater control over the way the light entering a room is directed.

Free measuring and fitting

Let your local expert take care of measuring and fitting; to guarantee no mishaps resulting in ill fitting blinds.

Child safe

These blinds fit firmly on your window; with no dangling cords or loose parts to tempt kiddies

Can my windows accommodate PFBs?

These blinds are suitable for almost all uPVC and double glazed windows. A local expert will be able to confirm that you can have these blinds.

Are these blinds more expensive?

You will pay a little more for these blinds due to the cost of the frame, but you safeguard your window warranty and your frames remain 100% damage free.

These blinds do not move around getting tangled, caught up or damaged. They are made to last; giving excellent value for money.

Can I get PFBs to match existing blinds in my home?

Yes. Your entire home can benefit from matching blinds, even if existing blinds do not have PFFs.

PFBs take up the least space possible

As these blinds are restrained on the glazed area of a window they are perfect for small spaces; they don’t take over the entire window area. They also leave your window sill free to be used as display space.

Why choose Perfect Fit Blinds?

  • Perfect for uPVC windows and doors
  • Ideal for conservatories
  • No drilling-no damage
  • Neat and tidy blinds that don’t take up much space
  • Ideal for windows and doors that are often opened and closed
  • Measured and fitted free by local expert
  • 3 year warranty

The best way to fully appreciate the benefits of Perfect Fit Frames is to see the system for yourself. Arrange your free demonstration here.

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