Roman Blinds in Manchester – Up To 50% Off

What is a Roman Blind?

This is a multi-look fabric blind. When closed the blind lays flat displaying the full design of the fabric, when open it falls into sumptuous accordion pleats.

The tasteful textiles available for these blinds give a room a cosy feel and add a spot of elegance to your window.

These blinds are as popular today as they were back in roman times. They can be made from fabrics that suit even the most modern home as well as traditional houses.

Living rooms and bedrooms are instantly transformed by a smart roman blind. They look equally at home in any room. These truly are blinds to die for; at any window in your home.

Are roman blinds suited to my decor?

However you decorate your home, you will find a roman blind that compliments your scheme. These blinds can be made in smooth or textured fabrics, plain or patterned materials and colours spanning the entire spectrum. These blinds fuse into the overall look of any room.

How much privacy do they provide?

These blinds give as much privacy as you desire. They can be opened a little way, halfway or fully opened for the maximum pleated effect. They look equally stunning when open or closed.

Why should I choose these over curtains?

Roman blinds are the up to date window covering. These blinds give you the soft luxurious feel of fabric, and you can select materials to create the mood you want in your room. The pleats give a sumptuous feel without looking heavy, messy or dated. Romans don’t trail on the floor getting mucky or blow around looking dishevelled.

Are these blinds lined?

Yes, roman binds are fully lined and you can select standard, thermal or blackout lining.

Are roman blinds within my budget?

Roman blinds can be made to suit any budget; so you can dress your windows beautifully without breaking the bank.  These blinds require the minimum amount of fabric; so even if you choose a top of the range material, you won’t need as much fabric as you would for curtains. There are lots of beautiful fabrics in all price ranges for these blinds.

Want these blinds improve my home’s insulation?

These blinds provide superb insulation as they are made with a fabric and a lining; to keep draughts out and heat in. You can further increase their insulating qualities by choosing a heavier material and a thermal lining.

Where will I find the best selection of roman Blinds?

Hillarys Blinds are the UKs leading window blinds manufacturer. They stock the biggest choice of fabrics, offer the best selection of colours and hang their roman blinds on luxurious head rails. Hillarys offer different coloured chains to suit your blind.

Why choose Roman Blinds?

  • Huge range of fabrics, colours and linings
  • You don’t loose the effect of the fabric in this blind
  • Easy to open as little or as much as you want
  • The best blinds for dormer windows
  • Look fabulous in all rooms
  • Individually made for your window
  • Affordable elegance
  • 3 year guarantee

Want to see how utterly fabulous a roman blind will look in your room? Take a look at our photo gallery of Roman Blinds here.