Find the best Plantation Shutters in Manchester

What are window shutters?

These are so much more than blinds. A truly hardwearing, yet decorative way to improve your home and increase its privacy. There are shutters to suit all kinds of windows and doors

Window shutters are an investment in your home and improve the look of your windows. They come in a variety of styles and colours which means shutters look great on all types of homes.

If privacy and security are your top priorities; window shutters are the solution. At the same time they let in the light you desire.

Window shutters are tailored to fit your window and perfectly match your property.

Are their different styles of window shutters?

Hillarys Blinds offer the widest range of window shutters in the UK:

Cafe Style

The most decorative shutter, fitted purely to the bottom section of your window. A popular choice for period properties, but look just as good on newer homes. You get the benefits of plenty of light entering from the top with privacy gained from the bottom. These are cheaper than other styles of shutters.


If you need shutters for an odd size window, shaped shutters are the solution. These are tailor made to fit even the most awkward space.


If you want solid secure shutters for doors, this is the model to choose. The bottom section consists of a solid panel, whilst the top is louvred. You can open the top part to let in light while the solid bottom gives security and privacy.

Full height

The solid, tall sections on these sophisticated, symmetrical shutters elegantly compliment all styles of doors and windows.

Tier on Tier

These stylish shutters enable you to open the top or bottom panels separately.


Large windows are suited to these shutters which hang from the top, and are guided by a tracking system, that runs along the bottom.

Am I limited by louvre widths, colours or accessories?

Buying shutters from Hillarys gives you a choice of thinner slats for small windows or wider slats that look stunning on larger windows. You will find the perfect colour for your home among Hillarys range, and they offer a selection of hinges for you to choose from.

How do I choose the best shutters for my home?

Why not prick the brains of a local window shutter expert? Hillarys’ staff are the best people to advise you on choosing the right shutters. Your local shutter expert will help you test samples against your windows, and professionally measure up and fit your shutters.

Why choose window shutters?

  • Hard wearing and long lasting
  • Full privacy and improved security
  • An investment in your home
  • Measured and fitted Free
  • 3 year guarantee.

Why not arrange a no obligation consultation with a local Hillarys expert? This will enable you to try out samples in your home, get answers to your questions and confidently choose the best shutters for your home.

To book your free consultation for window shutters click here.

Shutters can be a beautiful addition to nearly any home. You can view our full range and study each one’s¬†advantages to make the best choice for your style and for your family.