Vertical Blinds in Manchester – Up To 50% Off

What are vertical blinds?

These are a refreshing change from horizontal blinds such as venetians and are the attractive, stylish and trending way to cover windows.

The slats on these blinds hang downwards, delivering an aesthetically pleasing look to windows, as well as high function. The slats can be easily twisted, to give the perfect combination of light and privacy.

These blinds are the solution if you would like a window covering that can be easily moved to one side; for example to enjoy a full view. They are great for patio doors; where you don’t want to restrict headroom.

Vertical blinds are an excellent choice for conservatories and glass doors. This sort of blind is particularly well suited to large windows; as their horizontal lines enhance them. Even on a large window, vertical blinds are light and easy to adjust.

Vertical blinds can be matched to suit any room’s style and colour scheme.

Which rooms benefit from vertical blinds?

Almost any room will look fantastic when given a vertical blind, due to its classic lines and simplicity.

The range of water repellent and wipeable fabrics available for vertical blinds, makes them an ideal and attractive window covering for kitchens and bathrooms Bedrooms benefit greatly from vertical blinds, as they give complete privacy when closed.

Offices that are affected by glaring sunlight; these blinds an attractive solution and add a stylish modern look to the office too.

The solution for large windows and wide doors

These blinds are a cost effective window covering for bigger than average windows and doors, bay windows, patio doors and conservatories.

Vertical blinds give you added privacy and extra security

When vertical blinds are open, the entire window is still covered. The slats can be twisted to let light in, whilst improving privacy. You adjust these blinds to the right angle for your needs.

Even when fully opened you will not have any unsightly gaps; as the entire window is still covered. Vertical blinds obscure the view of passersby, and make it difficult for potential burglars to know if anyone is in- giving you extra peace of mind.


Lest dust and less cleaning

If you want a window covering that doesn’t collect dust and attract dirt, vertical blinds are the answer. Horizontal blinds are more prone to dust and are fiddlier to clean than vertical blinds.

Are vertical blinds child safe?

Hillary’s range of vertical blinds includes chain and cord free models and wand controlled verticals. All their vertical blinds are fitted with a safety hook to prevent accidents.

Why choose vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds look great at any window and are the best type of window covering for; bigger than average windows, conservatories and offices where you want high style, combined with practical easy to operate blinds.

  • A modern and practical alternative to horizontal blinds
  • More control over light and privacy
  • Affordable for large windows, conservatories and patio doors
  • Excellent at reducing glare on TVs and PC screens
  • Made to measure
  • 3 year guarantee

Take a look at the wide range of colours and fabrics available for vertical blinds here.