Wood Venetian Blinds in Manchester – Up To 50% Off

What are wooden venetian Blinds?

This window covering brings nature to your window and adds warmth to your room, with its beautiful horizontal slats made from real wood.

Wooden venetians bring out wooden floors and can be matched to your furniture, making them the best window treatment for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

Wooden blinds look great in just about any room as they blend with most interior design styles.

Hillarys’ wooden venetians are manufactured from real hardwood; not inferior softwood or laminates.

Are there different types of wooden venetian blinds?

Hillarys range consists of four styles; hardwood, heritage, colours and rustic.  Whether you want a natural finish, painted blinds to match your colour scheme, bright glossy blinds or blinds that give a rustic feel; you will find your perfect wooden blind at Hillarys.

All their wooden blinds are custom made, and the slat ends on their wooden blinds are stained.

Do these blinds come in different slat widths?

Hillarys Blinds give you a selection of slat widths, which means that your wooden blinds will be the perfect width for your window. Slats are available in 25, 35, 50 and 63mm.

Do wooden venetians provide privacy?

These blinds are the most superior window treatment for improving privacy. They are ideal for rooms with windows that face a street, as they don’t allow people to stare in. These blinds can be adjusted to angles that deliver privacy whilst still letting light in.

For rooms that get too much sunlight; these blinds are an effective way to increase shade.

Can these blinds be customised for my home?

Absolutely. Wooden venetians are tailored to your windows. You have a choice of colours, finishes and slat widths. You get to choose accessories that match your blinds from; wooden valances, a choice of toggles, different coloured cords and luxury tape in matching colours.

Are these blinds easy to open and close?

Hillarys wooden venetians are operated using an ‘Easi-lift’ mechanism. This enables easy opening, closing and adjustment of blinds.

How do I get my wooden venetian blinds?

The quick and easy way to get these blinds is to arrange for a Hillarys local consultant to visit you at home. Their expert will show you samples make helpful suggestions and measure up accurately. He will place your order and come back to fit your blinds. Before you know it your new blinds will be the envy of your neighbours.

Low maintenance window coverings

No need to remove these blinds for cleaning; just occasionally wipe them with a dry or damp cloth to remove dust.

Why choose wooden venetian blinds?

  • Natural wood looks fabulous in any room
  • Elegant functional and long lasting
  • Classy and modern window covering
  • More privacy at windows that look onto streets
  • Genuine hardwood
  • Tailor made for an exact fit
  • Greater control over light levels and provides shade
  • Measured and fitted free
  • 3 year warranty

Take a look at how the natural beauty of wooden venetian blinds improves a room here.